Safe Haven

Independent Living Program

The Nicholasville Independent Living Program is housed in Lexington and focuses on helping young adults, male and female, 17-20 to develop necessary life skills for transitioning from dependence to independence.

The program provides independent living services to youth that have children as well. The program serves young adults who are currently under commitment to the Department of Community Based Services and the Department of Juvenile Justice.

These young adults need structure which allows them to become self-sufficient. We assist young people in finishing their education including college or trade school, assist them in finding part time employment, educate them on the basic skills needed to live on one's own (budgeting, balancing a checkbook, cooking, shopping, parenting skills, relationship skills, etc.).

The young adults reside in one of two locations: an eight-plex or scattered site apartments located in Fayette County. All Independent Living residents receive case management services, life skills development, group and individual counseling as needed.


Nicholasville Safe Haven
(859) 373-0080

Our staff, who are available 24/7, assist residents with any issues that arise providing a network of support and resources enabling our young people to grow into independence.

In summary, our program:

  • Helps youth transition to self-sufficiency
  • Helps youth receive the education, training, and services necessary to obtain employment
  • Helps youth prepare for and enter post-secondary training and educational institutions
  • Provides personal and emotional support to youth aging out of foster care, through mentors and the promotion of interactions with dedicated adults
  • Provides financial assistance, housing, counseling, employment, education, and other appropriate support and services to former foster care recipients between 17 and 21 years of age. This is designed to complement their own efforts to achieve self-sufficiency, and to assure that program participants recognize and accept their personal responsibility for preparing for and making the transition into adulthood

Because our youth have a wide range of individual needs and circumstances, we coordinate services with other federal, state and local agencies engaged in similar activities:

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

Goodwill Industries

Job Corps

Volunteers of America

Opportunities For Work and Learning

Family support with DCBS

We are currently only able to serve youth committed to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. If you are a youth who is no longer committed or a person working with a youth no longer committed, you can contact the Statewide ILP Coordinator for information specific to you, 1-800-232-5437, or