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Angel Sponsorships

To care for those children who are hurting, we follow Christ’s example by first meeting their physical needs and establishing a base from which emotional needs can be met. Many of our children come from a history of abject poverty where sufficient food, medical care or adequate clothing were unavailable. Angel Sponsors, like guardian angels, look out for our children by financing a strong foundation of support. This allows us to provide these essentials for the children first and then follow-up with a highly-qualified treatment team to help them mend brokenness and trauma.

A consistent stream of funding is absolutely necessary when providing the most professional, loving care possible. Your contributions directly effect the lives of children in crisis, giving them the assistance essential to their future success.

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Your Monthly Support Can Provide...

Leadership Skills

$250 a month
Give one week of training in relationship building, problem-solving and community service.


$125 a month
Give one week of professional counseling, medical and dental care.


$75 a month
Give two days of individualized, accelerated education to bring a child up to grade level.

Daily Needs

$50 a month
Five days of food, housing and clothing.

Spiritual Life

$30 a month
Give three days of Christ-centered spiritual mentoring.