Private Referrals Admission Criteria for Versailles Campus

The Methodist Home Residential Treatment Program does accept referrals from private sources.

We are not a Medicaid facility, so there is a fee associated with a private placement. Fees are based on income and other financial information. Additionally, private referrals are accepted only when ALL community resources have been exhausted. Placement in a residential facility is a last resort and all other options should be explored and used before referring to us.

To make a private referral you would first complete our referral packet (download here, 13 pages). Once completed, the referral packet and other accompanying documents are returned. Upon receipt to our facility, our clinical team will review the documents and make a decision about the appropriateness of the referral based on several factors including our current population of youth.

The clinical team then makes a recommendation to the Vice President of Programs and Services. After the VP of Programs and Services makes a decision, the final review goes to our President/CEO where the decision is finalized. Once the referral packet is received at our facility, it can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to have a final answer.

How to make a referral:

Step 1:
Placement Coordinators and/or DCBS workers call or email a member of the KYUMH Clinical Services Residential Treatment Staff.

Step 2:
Fax referral information to (859) 241-3757

Step 3:
A response will be provided within 24 business hours.

Ben Scott, LCSW
(859) 523-3001