Admissions Eligibility Criteria for Emergency Shelter

Referrals can be accepted from the following:

  • Department of Community Based Services
  • Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Court Designated Worker Offices from any Kentucky County
  • Private placements as arranged

Emergency Shelter Admission Standards

1. Clients must be school aged to 17 years old (older ages may be considered if state-committed)
2. Clients of any race, creed, national origin or religion may be male or female
3. Clients have Full Scale IQ of 70 (lower IQ may be considered by Clinical Director on an individual basis)
4. Clients must be treatable in an open temporary residential setting and able to conduct themselves in the community at large.
5. The group, within the agency, to which the client will be assigned, is capable of absorbing his/her type of behavior.

Contraindications Preventing Admission:

1. Fire setting in the last 12 months
2. Substance abuse requiring detoxification
3. Sex offending issues identified
4. Pregnant
5. Actively suicidal or homicidal
6. Actively psychotic
7. Medically fragile: including physically handicapped; hearing-impaired and unable to use verbal English with adaptive equipment; sight-impaired and unable to be corrected by artificial means

How to make a referral:

Step 1:
Placement Coordinators and/or DCBS workers call or email a member of the KYUMH Clinical Services Residential Treatment Staff.

Step 2:
Fax referral information to (859) 241-3757

Step 3:
A response will be provided within 24 business hours.